Birthday Party Food Fit for a Princess

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What birthday party food should I serve at a princess party?

Birthday Party Food Fit for a Princess

A princess party has to be elegant, from the way the room is decorated to the birthday party food being served. Ideas for food fit for a princess are usually pretty similar to the menu at most tea shops.

Delicate sandwiches are very simple to make. Simply cut the crust off a loaf of bread, make your sandwiches as you normally would and then cut them into little triangles or squares. Little girls love being able to pick up food with cocktail picks instead of fingers when they are in princess mode, so be sure to stick picks in some of the sandwiches.

Tea in delicate cups is another essential part of a princess party. Plenty of milk and sugar is the key to happy tea drinkers at this age. Make sure you have twice as much as you think you'll need on hand. Thirty little girls can drink a gallon of milk and use up a two pound bag of sugar over several hours as they go back for tea refills.

A mini cake for each girl, delicately frosted with flowers is a nice change from the traditional birthday cake. An assortment of traditional tea sweets is also a good idea.

Of course, despite the fun of eating and drinking like grown up ladies, the girls still love their favorites. You may want to try serving mini bagel pizzas, chicken nuggets and other finger foods at another table, too.



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