Party Themes For Birthday Boys

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What are some party themes for boys?

Party Themes For Birthday Boys

Looking for party themes for a birthday boy? You can get away with a standard gathering of guests, cake, and ice cream, but the birthday celebration would be so much more fun with more imaginative party themes. Don't worry about being short on ideas. We've got some for you here:

Undercover spy theme – Turn your party for your birthday boy into a secret agent affair. Let guests solve a mystery, try on disguises, and fill their day with double agent type gadgets to explore.

Sports camp theme – If you've got an athlete in the family with a birthday on the horizon, throw a sports camp party event. Create uniform t-shirts for the guests and hit the field for friendly sampler of flag football, soccer, and basketball. When the guests are ready to crash, serve refreshments, have cake, and pass out trophies for favors.

Racing Car theme – Decorate with checkered flags and racing banners. Create a pit stop full of snacks and drinks to go. Then line up the miniature racetrack with cars and remote controls.



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