Child Party Favors and Sleepovers

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What kinds of child party favors work well for a girls' sleepover?

Child Party Favors and Sleepovers

If you're having a girls' sleepover party and need some activities to keep the girls busy, have some craft activities that let them create their own child party favors. Decorating hair barrettes and visors is fun. You could also get a hair ribbon making kit and set that up. Teach each girl to make friendship bracelets and supply the lacing necessary. T-shirts are always fun to decorate, with fabric paint or stamps or a tie-dye design.



10/8/2006 9:16:12 AM
allie said:

I think its good but don't you think you should have more makeup and stuff? Girls are really girly sometimes. So just have like a pillow fight or you could braid all of the girls hair.


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