Quick Tips To Remember For First Birthdays

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Who should I invite to my toddler´s party?

Quick Tips To Remember For First Birthdays

With all the excitment around your child's first birthday party, it's hard to remember everything. Here is a quick-hit list of things to remember when planning the party:

  • Limit the number on your guest list if this is not a family party. The commotion of a lot of children and adults can cause the one-year old to become cranky.
  • Be prepared for toddler tantrums, especially when struggles break out over the birthday gifts. Parents recommend opening presents right away (and then hiding them) or at the very end of the party, handing out favors at the same time so everyone gets something at once.
  • For toddlers, the best time of day is usually mid-afternoon, when kids have napped and are in good moods. Avoid lunch-time parties at all costs; kids will be tired and hungry, but too excited to eat and rampant crankiness will be the result. A toddler party needs to be only one hour, and shouldn't go longer than an hour and a half.
  • It is often hard on very young kids to sit and watch the opening of the presents. Tears and fights can break out over the toys. It is often a better idea to open gifts after young guests have gone home.
  • For children three and under, an adult should stay for the party. It's a good idea to include the parents on the invitation if you think there could be any confusion. And be sure to plan extra food, etc. for those extra adults.



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