Teen Birthday Party Themes

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What are some good teen birthday party themes?

Teen Birthday Party Themes

Just because your child is over 12 doesn't mean he or she is too old to have a little fun. Teen birthday party themes can be silly because most teens enjoy having an excuse to act less grown up than usual.

Costume party themes are really popular with teens. You can throw the party with no specific type of costume in mind or limit it to fairytale, Manga, or movie characters. Decorate the room to reflect the theme and make sure you rent some movies in that genre for the kids to view when they are ready for some down time.

For girls, a spa party is a lot of fun, especially if you can afford to take them to a real spa. If you hold the party at home, don't forget to add spa touches, like plushy white robes and slippers.

For boys, anything sports-related is usually a good idea. A trip to a local sports center is fairly easy to arrange. However, a day spent hanging out with the local sports team is really amazing. While the pro teams probably aren't available unless you have a huge birthday party budget, a few members of the minor league teams are often willing to at least spend a few hours with a group of kids during their off season for a price that isn't astronomical.



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