Teen Birthday Idea for a New Driver

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Is there a teen birthday idea for a 16 year old?

Teen Birthday Idea for a New Driver

Your child is just turning 16 and you need a fantastic teen birthday idea to commemorate this special day. If he or she is a new driver or is about to take the driving test, why not use this event as the party theme?

  • Just because the car the birthday boy or girl currently drives is a real clunker, there is no reason to avoid party supplies with a sports car theme. However, if your child has a sense of humor, you may want to opt for supplies with the Cars cartoon movie characters on them, especially if they feature the battered, but goodhearted, Mater.
  • Gifts for this party should be car related. Driving gloves, an old fashioned duster, an AAA membership, a GPS navigator, a lug wrench, an emergency battery charger, a tire pump that hooks into the lighter, mix CDs perfect for road trips and safe driving lessons are all great gifts for a new driver theme.
  • Activities can include seeing who can take the worst drivers license photo at a station that has been set up to resemble your local drivers license mug shot area (Don't forget the stereotyped unhelpful and rude employee.) and a race car video game tournament.



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