18th Birthday Party Ideas

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Are there any good 18th birthday party ideas?

18th Birthday Party Ideas

It can be a bit of a challenge to find some good 18th birthday party ideas. Eighteen is an age when most children feel that they are adults. They can vote, join the army, or move out on their own. Boy bands and makeovers are no longer quite as exciting. So, what themes can you use for your child's 18th birthday?

For many teens, a visit to the local paintball range is plenty of fun, but it does cost quite a bit. Why not set up your own version of a paintball course?

  • Collect light-colored, loose clothing that is no longer wanted or head to your local home improvement store to shop for painters' overalls. Don't forget to pick up protective eye gear, as well.
  • Give the kids water guns instead of paintball guns and dye the water you put in the water guns for each team with a different color of food coloring.
  • Create an obstacle course with plenty of things to hide behind and give each team a home base and a flag to guard. If your yard is small, ask a local farm or park if you can use space for the game.



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