Fun With Birthday Messages

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Are there any fun suggestions for birthday messages?

Fun With Birthday Messages

If you're looking for a great way to make a birthday an exciting, all-day event for children, there is an easy and cheap solution. Create a modified treasure hunt with birthday messages. To set up this fun and simple child's birthday game, you should:

  • Write up several dozen birthday messages on small slips of paper. You can simply write things like "Happy Birthday" or "You're the cutest birthday boy ever" or you can put together little rhymes and poems.
  • Put the slips of paper in leftover plastic Easter eggs along with a piece of candy, a sticker, or a temporary tattoo. If you don't have Easter eggs, any small containers will do. Jewelry boxes or small birthday treat bags are two good alternate options.
  • Hide the containers all through the house. If you have extra time, make the hiding places very challenging and tape a clue to each container directing the child to the next one. Either way, you'll want to leave a note about the birthday hunt on your child's pillow or at the breakfast table so he or she knows there's a game to play. If you do opt to use clues, don't forget to put a map in the last container that leads your child to the final treasure – the pile of birthday gifts.



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