Buying Birthday Presents on a Budget

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Can I buy birthday presents for a large family on a fixed income?

Buying Birthday Presents on a Budget

When you have a limited budget, it can be frustrating to buy birthday presents for a large family. However, with a lot of planning and a little luck, you can manage to shop for enough gifts for everyone. To get gifts for your loved ones when you are on a budget, you should:

  • Begin shopping for the whole year right after Christmas. You can find sweaters, handheld games and a ton of toys at a steep discount during the clearance sales. Choose carefully to avoid items that have a holiday feel. If you find something that seems perfect but is in Christmas packaging, don't be afraid to buy it and repackage it. For example, fashion dolls usually are wrapped in a box that says they are holiday or Christmas dolls. Take them out of the boxes and put them in doll beds or carrying cases that someone else in the family created with his or her woodworking tools.
  • Shop at yard sales and thrift stores. Many times, people sell or donate items that are still in boxes that just aren't right for them, but would be perfect for someone else. You may be able to buy new sports equipment, puzzles, or even toys for a fraction of the price stores would charge.



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