Selecting Birthday Hats

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Are there any choices for birthday hats beside the traditional cone shaped ones?

Selecting Birthday Hats

Birthday hats. The phrase probably immediately conjures up a specific image in your mind. The upside down cardboard cone hat with elastic string comes in almost any theme imaginable, but it always is a bit too small for adults and the elastic is always a bit too tight. Still, these birthday props do help create some adorable pictures.

For the birthday boy or girl, birthday hats can be quite different. Some families have a birthday crown or tiara that only is worn by the one who is having the celebration. Kids enjoy the excitement of being crowned in the early morning and will wear their headgear until the last possible moment, since taking it off means an end to the day's festivities. Other families stick with the traditional cone shaped hats, but shop for a special one that has a fancy pompom or other topper for the birthday honoree.

For a child who is just turning one, the possibilities are so vast that it is hard to decide on the right birthday hat. Choices range from a top hat that looks like a first birthday cake to a baseball cap with the number one on it. These hats are often placed in a keepsake box after the celebration, so it makes sense to choose a special one.



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