Taking Great Birthday Pictures

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Are there any tips for taking good birthday pictures?

Taking Great Birthday Pictures

Taking great birthday pictures can be a challenge, especially during the party. Heads, backs and arms seem to always be in the wrong place, especially during the most important shots, like blowing out candles. Posed photos seem stiff and awkward. How can you take better pictures?

Begin by making sure you have the right equipment. If you are inside, bring in some supplemental lighting. If you can avoid using a flash, you'll get fewer shots with closed or squinted eyes. Also, check to see if your camera has a feature that compensates for shaky hands. When you are trying to get a shot quickly, this feature can really help you shoot clearer photos.

While posed shots are often too formal, there's nothing wrong with setting the scene. Move trash and clutter aside and ask the guests to sit down before you bring out the cake or start a game that could have adorable results.

Ask someone else to take backup shots of everything. This way, there's a chance that a shot you flubbed has turned out fabulous for the other photographer. In fact, you may also find out that you completely missed a terrific moment that was captured by the other person.



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