Taking Advantage of Birthday Club Programs

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Are free birthday club programs worthwhile?

Taking Advantage of Birthday Club Programs

As you browse through some of your local stores or eat at your favorite restaurants, you may notice a small sign about a birthday club program. However, if you didn't take the time to read about the program, you may not realize how nice many store and restaurant programs are.

  • Many restaurants that offer birthday clubs give a free desert to guests who eat there on their birthdays. Some give a free appetizer instead. A few very nice programs actually give the birthday boy or girl an entire free meal.
  • Ice cream chains usually give a free scoop of ice cream to customers who come in on their birthdays.
  • Stores often mail a discount coupon to people to use during their birthday week. Usually, it is a small discount, such as 15% off a single regularly priced item, although some stores do give an even nicer gift.
  • Supermarkets rarely have birthday clubs, but they often give a free cake to children on their first birthdays, so be sure to check with your local grocery store if you have a child turning one.
  • Don't forget to check game centers, miniature golf courses and other entertainment options in your area. Many of them offer free games to people on their birthdays.



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