How to Throw Parties at Outdoor Party Places

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What should I know when I am planning parties at outdoor party places?

How to Throw Parties at Outdoor Party Places

Outdoor party places are wonderful for parties in spring, summer and early fall. People can enjoy the beautiful weather and the atmosphere is usually very relaxed and enjoyable. However, throwing outdoor parties can also be a bit of a challenge. To be successful, you should:

  • Make sure you have a plan for bad weather. Check to see if indoor facilities are available at the location you are considering. If not, ask about rain date policies. Being outside is no fun when there's a monsoon drenching the guests.
  • Bring a well stocked emergency kit, including bandages, antiseptic cream, sun block and bug repellent products. Many guests aren't thinking about the sun and the insects when they are planning their trip to the party and neglect to bring these items with them.
  • Consider the activities guests will be participating in when you are buying beverages. If they are sitting down and chatting, they will probably need two drinks a piece on hot days. However, if they are playing softball, tag, volleyball or other high energy games, you should plan to provide three drinks per person. Also, if some guests are drinking alcohol, make sure you have extra water available for them, in case they get dehydrated.



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