Successful Birthdays at Chuck E Cheese

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Are there any things I should know before I have a party at Chuck E Cheese?

Successful Birthdays at Chuck E Cheese

You've decided you can't handle a mass of children descending upon the house yet again, so you are taking the whole gang to Chuck E Cheese for this year's birthday party. You're going to hand someone money, pass out tokens and let the kids play until they can't play anymore. It's a good plan, but you may want to do a bit more to be sure the party turns out to be fun for everyone.

  • Check the newspaper before you go. Many times, the Sunday coupon section offers some nice discounts for token and pizza packages. It is always nice to get some extra tokens, since the kids use them up so fast.
  • Some states have Chuck E Cheese restaurants that serve alcoholic beverages. Check with the staff when you walk in the door to be sure yours doesn't offer alcohol. If it does, make sure at least one parent is on guard duty at the table at all times. That way, any children that head to the wrong table and grab a glass of what they think is soda will be stopped by the parent before they drink it.



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