Funny Birthday Party Idea Hints

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Are there any ideas for having a funny birthday party?

Funny Birthday Party Idea Hints

You want to have the guests rolling in the aisles and the birthday honoree laughing so hard he or she can't talk. However, you need some funny birthday ideas to get things started. What can you do to make this party a humor-filled event?

Try salting the guest list with actors and comedians who do funny things out of the blue. Having people do something completely off the wall can really catch people off guard and get them laughing. Consider asking them to break into song, tell great jokes or work with another actor to set up entire zany scenes.

Consider pranks, but be careful. A prank that ruins someone's attire or is potentially dangerous, like pulling someone's chair out from under him, is not funny. Pranks like peculiar food or disappearing gifts are much better choices.

Bring back the simple games of childhood and there should be plenty of fun and laughter happening naturally. Simon Says, Red Light, Green Light, Statues and Hide and Seek are all games that should help guests have a fantastic time. For guests who are feeling a bit less energetic, Go Fish, War, Old Maid and other children's card games are a good option.



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