Games for a Princess Theme

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Are there any good kids birthday party games for a princess theme?

Games for a Princess Theme

Princesses don't want to run screaming about in their pretty dresses. However, there are plenty of great kids birthday party games for a princess theme that are fun for little girls who are all dressed up. Try some of these activities for a day filled with fun:

  • Play pin the tail on the donkey with a twist when you substitute a fiery charger worthy of any fair maiden for the more prosaic beast of burden.
  • Pile some blankets in a corner draped with a piece of gold netting or other shimmery fabric. Tuck a pea under the top layer and see if the princesses can feel the pea when they rest on the "bed" of linens.
  • Give them each a prop, like a scepter or a huge fake diamond ring, and then play statues. The props make the game a bit more challenging especially when the players are trying to strike royal poses.
  • Have them make their own tiaras or fancy jewelry. Other crafts that fit the theme are making hand held mirrors or barrettes. Decorating plain sneakers with glitter and rhinestones to make comfortable princess shoes that they can wear for every day is also popular with the princess crowd.



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