Grown Up Birthday Games

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Are there any adult birthday games we can play?

Grown Up Birthday Games

You've got a whole crowd of adults to amuse and there isn't a Super Bowl game in sight. How can you find adult birthday games that will keep them entertained during the party? Actually, unless your guests are a hard core party crowd, there are plenty of games and activities that should amuse them.

  • Set up a bunch of different board games, from Scrabble to Chutes and Ladders at different tables and have a tournament. It is surprising how much fun a group of adults can have with even the most juvenile of these old favorites, but you can step up the fun a notch with rewards. Bring out another table and put a bunch of raffle prizes on it. Give each guest a ticket for the raffle as he or she arrives at the party. The winners of the different games get an extra ticket for the raffle prizes.
  • Bring the tournament into the new century with a Wii or other game system.
  • Pull out all the silly shower games, dust them off and revamp them for a birthday party. For example, give each guest a necklace. Have the guests avoid saying a birthday related word instead of the traditional baby or bride. If they say the word, they'll lose the necklace to the person who catches them saying it.



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