Finding Memorable Birthday Quotes

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Where can I find good birthday quotes?

Finding Memorable Birthday Quotes

For people who make their own birthday cards, one of the biggest challenges can be figuring out what to say inside the completed card. Luckily, there are quite a few great ways to find memorable birthday quotes. To find quotes for your handmade birthday cards, you should:

  • Head to the library. Quotation books compile quotes on a huge variety of topics, including birthday quotes. There are some great birthday observations from famous people that would be the perfect finishing touch for birthday cards.
  • Check the internet. Bartlett's Quotations has gone digital with its quotation books and they can be searched online free of charge.
  • Visit the local craft store. Many rubber stamp lines sell stamps of various phrases. Ink one up and stamp it inside the card. These are especially useful for people who do not have pretty handwriting.
  • Look for rub-ons. These little decals can only be used once, but there are some lovely birthday sentiments on some of them. To use them, cut out the phrase you want on the card, place it on the card with the words right side up and gently rub across the surface of the plastic until the words adhere to the cardstock beneath. Usually, you can tell that the phrase has attached itself to the cardstock when the letters become a much lighter shade of black than they were before.



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