Tips for Giving Funny Birthday Cards

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Are there any problems with giving funny birthday cards?

Tips for Giving Funny Birthday Cards

Funny birthday cards are almost as common as sweet, sentimental cards. However, there are a few tricks to successfully giving humorous cards to people on their birthdays. To make sure a funny birthday card is appreciated by the recipient, you should:

  • Avoid cards that deal with a subject the recipient is sensitive about. For example, someone who is dieting will probably not appreciate a card with a pig wallowing in cake on it. People who are not happy about turning forty may be upset by a card that says they are getting old and decrepit.
  • Make sure you do not choose a card that is suggestive or vulgar, no matter how much the recipient would be amused by it, if it will be opened in front of clergy, parents, or bosses. If you absolutely have to give a funny, but inappropriate card, on a formal occasion, buy a second, generic birthday card for the birthday boy or girl to open at the event and give the funny card to him or her with instructions to save it for later.
  • Consider making your own funny card by using a candid, silly photo from a past event on the card's cover and referring to the event inside. The personal touch will make this one funny card that won't get recycled very quickly!



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