Save Money With Printable Birthday Cards

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How do I make printable birthday cards?

Save Money With Printable Birthday Cards

Buying birthday cards can be quite costly. The card itself usually has a price tag of two to four dollars. Add on the expense of using gas to drive to the local gift shop to pick up a card and you just may have spent more on the card than you spent on some of the birthday gifts. Printable birthday cards are a great way to save money and they are so quick to make that they don't take up a lot of extra time.

To make printable birthday cards, you will need some nice lightweight cardstock, a printer and a computer program that makes birthday cards. If you don't have a special desktop publishing software program, the standard word processing software on most computers usually offers several options for printable greeting cards.

First, open your word processing software and search for a greeting card template. Sometimes, you will find that there is not a template already on your computer, but there are templates available as free downloads on the software company's website. Open the template and make a personalized version of the card.

Put your cardstock in the printer tray. Make sure the printer is on and has plenty of ink in the cartridges. You may want to use your software's print preview option to double check that everything looks like it should before you hit the print button. Print out the card and fold it according to the template instructions. Now, all you need to do is tuck it in an envelope.



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