Get the Most Out of Birthday Ecards

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What should I know about sending birthday ecards?

Get the Most Out of Birthday Ecards

Birthday ecards are a great way to send a last minute greeting on birthdays. They can make up for cards that are lost in the mail and can help you avoid admitting that you've lost your sister's new home address for the third time. They can also be a great way to avoid the increasingly expensive use of postal stamps. However, not all free birthday ecards are equal. To be sure you get the most out of your birthday ecard, you should:

  • Be sure you use a reputable website to send the card. You don't want to include the surprise bonus of a computer virus or spamware with your greeting!
  • Make sure the recipient knows to open the ecard by sending an additional email with a quick note that you just sent a legitimate ecard his or her way. Because spammers are making heavy use of ecards, the person receiving the card may be afraid to open it without knowing it came from you.
  • Think about making the ecard extra special with the addition of a virtual gift card. Many online only stores and brick and mortar stores that have websites sell gift cards that can be sent through email as a code. Frequently, they will also allow the buyer to choose a personalized ecard to make the virtual gift certificate a bit more memorable.



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