Choosing the Right Birthday Candles

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Are there any tips for choosing the right birthday candles?

Choosing the Right Birthday Candles

You've got the cake, the decorations and the tablecloth. Now, all you need are some new birthday candles. This is going to be the easiest purchase you've ever made. After all, candles are candles, right? Actually, there are quite a few choices when it comes to birthday candles. To make the right decision, you should:

  • Think about the age of the birthday boy or girl. A young child will not think trick candles are funny. He or she is just learning to blow out the flame and could become disappointed or frustrated by candles that won't stay out. Pre-teens, on the other hand, will be likely to think they are downright hilarious.
  • Consider numeral candles for younger children. Blowing out one candle in the shape of a four is much less of a struggle than blowing out four small candles at once. These number candles are also a great little keepsake throughout the first years of a baby's life.
  • Look for candles that match your birthday party theme. Newer technology makes it easier to create molded birthday candles in the shape of pirate hats, dinosaurs and princess tiaras. These candles are a very budget friendly way to turn an inexpensive plain birthday cake into a cake that matches the rest of the decorations.



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