21st Birthday Party Ideas

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Are there any good 21st birthday ideas?

21st Birthday Party Ideas

The 21st birthday is such a big milestone. It is the day that children officially become grownups in many parents' eyes. For such a special day, there should be an equally special birthday celebration. Try one of these popular 21st birthday party ideas:

  • Throw a casino themed party. Print out currency with the birthday guest of honor's picture on it and hand out a stack of "dollars" to each guest. Have tables set up for different card games. For guests who don't want to gamble, you may want to provide tickets for prize drawings in exchange for the birthday dollars. If you like the idea, but it sounds like too much work, there are party companies that will come set up the whole theme and provide dealers for the different tables.
  • Set up a party centered on the future career choice of the 21-year-old. For example, if he or she is about to graduate with a major in premed, set up tables to look like exam tables, use medical bags to hold centerpieces and ask guests to bring medical supplies or money to be used to help pay for med school as gifts. Of course, if he or she plans to be a rock star, the party will probably be a bit more lively!



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