50th Birthday Party Idea: Return to Prom Days

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Is there a fun 50th birthday party idea I can use?

50th Birthday Party Idea: Return to Prom Days

When you are 50, the mention of high school is usually met with a bit of nostalgia. Memories of geeky clothes and embarrassing mistakes are much funnier over 30 years later. Why not bring back high school for a day with a 50th birthday party idea that involves throwing a prom for grownups?

Guests should dress formally, as they would have for the high school prom. In the invitations, encourage them to look for clothing that is similar in style to what they wore to their original prom, as well. However, they may want to opt for wigs if they are recreating hairdos, too, since hairstyles are sometimes a bit wild during the teen years!

Ideally, there should be live music from that hot high school boy band from several decades ago. If the band members are all corporate lawyers in New York now and have no interest in a band reunion performance, make sure you hire a band or DJ that knows the hits from that time period.

Hiring the high school gymnasium where the original prom was held is the perfect finishing touch. There's just no way to fake that smell of sweaty feet and perfume that a prom in a gym offers. Unfortunately, using the gym isn't always possible, but try to at least recreate those slightly tacky decorations everyone was so proud of.



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