Ideas for Unique 50th Birthday Gifts

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Are there any ideas for unique 50th birthday gifts?

Ideas for Unique 50th Birthday Gifts

You need a great gift for a 50th birthday and you aren't sure what to look for, since it seems like the recipient has already gotten just about every gift imaginable over the last half a century. While you may be tempted to just give up and settle for a gift card, why not look for an idea that is a bit more interesting? Here are a few fresh ideas for 50th birthday gifts that you may want to consider:

  • A 50th wedding anniversary would be celebrated with gold gifts, so why not use a similar theme for 50th birthday gifts? Don't limit yourself to gold jewelry. You could spray paint a basket gold and fill it with gold pens, gold foil wrapped chocolates and other small gold colored trinkets.
  • Create a sampler of 50 different types of candy or an assortment of 50 different snacks. You're sure to find one or two that the birthday honoree will love with that many choices.
  • Donate fifty dollars to a charity that is close to the birthday boy or girl's heart and recommend that other friends and family members do the same thing. The result could be a massive amount of money donated to charity in that person's name.



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