Funny Birthday Pictures

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How can I make sure we get some funny birthday pictures?

Funny Birthday Pictures

By the time you are 40, funny birthday pictures have gotten kind of old, right? Well, that depends on whether you're the one taking the pictures or the one in them. If you want to take funny pictures at a 40th birthday party, try some of these tips:

  • Make sure there are cameras at each table so guests can snap plenty of candid shots.
  • Provide plenty of props to encourage silliness, such as tiaras and other kids' dress up items. Grownups can rarely pull off pink feather boas and normal adult attire without looking a bit funny.
  • If people are being too stiff and formal, encourage them to play games that involve goofy poses, like statues, charades and freeze tag.
  • If all else fails, introduce children into the mix. Kids automatically create funny picture situations just by being themselves.



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