40th Birthday Sayings

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Are there any good 40th birthday sayings?

40th Birthday Sayings

Those birthday cards about being over the hill just don't send the right message, so you've decided to make your own card. However, now, you need some great 40th birthday sayings. Aren't there any sayings that talk about being 40 without referring to gravestones and black balloons? Actually, there are plenty of other ideas for 40th birthday sayings.

Avoid the whole issue of age by simply writing an acrostic poem about the 40-year-old. This poem is formed by writing the person's name vertically and then using each letter to form a line of the poem. For example, a person named Sue may receive a card that says:

S is for your happy smile.

U is for your unique spirit.

E is for your extraordinary ability to make everyone love you.

If poems aren't your thing, try something similar to one of these:

  • Sister, thank you for 40 years of beautiful memories.
  • Don't worry – 40's the new 20, minus the frat boys and hangovers.
  • Remember, you're only as young as you feel, which makes you about...4? Keep building those sandcastles!
  • 40's just a number. A big number, but still...just a number.
  • You're 40. You know what that means...Time to take up golf. (This one should include a cartoon of a man yelling "Fore!" while another man steps up to the tee.)



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