First Birthday Party Keepsake

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Is there anything special I can do to commemorate my baby's first birthday party?

First Birthday Party Keepsake

Since the first birthday party is such a momentous event, parents may want to have all of the guests help create a treasured keepsake that commemorates the day. To make a keepsake memory box about baby's first birthday party, ask guests to bring something to put in the box that will remind everyone of the last year. A few items that could be included are: campaign buttons for a presidential hopeful, a memorable newspaper front page, or a photograph of a special event.

Once the guests are seated, ask them each to fill out a 3 x 5 card with the answers to a few questions, such as: why they are there for the baby's day and what special advice they have for the baby's future.

Finally, have everyone gather together for a group portrait. Tuck it, as well as everything else, into the baby's first birthday party keepsake box. Add other items that will remind you of the day, like a party hat, napkin and plate. Now, you will be able to look back on this day with your child on his or her 18th birthday to see where the journey to adulthood began.



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