How To Photograph Your Child's First Birthday Party

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How To Photograph Your Child's First Birthday Party

Once you have taken all the first birthday party photos you need, you can add them to your collection. A nice way to display first birthday party photos is through an elegant album or photo frame. You might also want to add a photo from the first birthday party as part of a first twelve months photo frame and turn it into a keepsake. Or, as an alternative, get a photo frame for the first several years of your child's life and start by adding a snapshot from the first birthday party. The first birthday is a perfect milestone to create traditions with your child for years to come. Be creative and start a new tradition on your child's first birthday or continue one that your parents did with you. Some ideas might include:

-Making a growth chart and putting a mark on the first birthday

-Collect a keepsake that can be added to in future years. For instance, charm bracelets make a good gift because you, or even other family members, can add a charm each year for as long as you wish.

-Purchase a one-time keepsake specific to the first birthday, such as a silver set commemorating the first birthday.

-Plant a tree on your child's first birthday and watch it grow with your child.

-Find a place that is important to you or your family and take a photograph of your child each year, starting with their first birthday.



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