1st Birthday Party Supplies To Entertain Little Ones

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1st Birthday Party Supplies To Entertain Little Ones

When it comes to supplies, 1st birthday parties don't vary that much from other years. You still need festive plates, napkins, cups and decorations, but you can have fun with themes or whoever the trendy children's characters are at the moment. 1st birthday party supplies with characters from TV shows, like Sesame Street, are easy to come by. Typically, you can find matching plates, napkins and cups. Of course, there are always the old standbys, like princess-themed parties for girls and sports-themed celebrations for baby boys. Other options might be to decorate everything with the number one. Use numbered candles on the cake and decorate the party with banners adorned with the number one. Consider adding 1st birthday party supplies like a plush crown to denote baby's first year. For the more casual event, you can get your birthday boy or girl a birthday cap with the number one placed on the front. Other possibilities for 1st birthday party supplies for your budding toddler include first year themed t-shirts and buttons.



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