Five Ways To Have A Successful 1st Birthday

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Five Ways To Have A Successful 1st Birthday

If you're trying to decide what theme to plan your baby's 1st birthday around, you certainly have a wide variety of options to choose from. You can pick a theme for your baby's 1st birthday based on popular characters like Blues Clues, Winnie the Pooh, or Elmo. You can also pick a theme for a girl's 1st birthday in a fairy princess pink or for the boy's 1st birthday party, a boy's playtime theme in blue. Part of the fun of a 1st birthday is dressing your baby in birthday apparel. Although everyone at the party will know who the birthday baby is, it's still fun to dress them up for photos. There are several popular items of clothing to let everyone know who is celebrating their first birthday.
Some ideas:

-Party hats with the number “1”

-1st birthday bibs

-Happy Birthday hats

-Plush first birthday crowns or baseball hats

-“I'm the Birthday Boy” or “I'm the Birthday Girl” t-shirts



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