Birthday Party Decorations For Tabletops

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Birthday Party Decorations For Tabletops

If you're going with the balloon and streamer decorative theme for your birthday party, you don't need to stick to just solid colors. You can decorate your birthday party with balloons in a range of prints and translucencies. Choose from clear balloons with a star print and layer it with a solid balloon on the inside for added effect. Going black and white? Get a white balloon with a cow pattern to decorate for your next birthday party. For an ultra feminine décor, go with a magenta balloon with a flower pattern. Balloons and streamers are some of the simplest birthday party decorations. They may be simple, but they immediately create a festive atmosphere in a room. Use a variety of colors to liven up the party or stick with a few colors if the party has a particular theme. Attach balloons to light fixtures, hang them in doorways and around windows. Streamers can run across the ceiling by attaching them to opposite wall corners. For a more dramatic effect, twist them before attaching. Use balloons, streamers and ribbons to denote where the party is by placing some on your mailbox, fence or near the corner of your street where guests would be driving by. Make the birthday boy or girl feel even more special by putting balloons and ribbons on their chair. If you're using helium in your balloons, wait until the day of the party to inflate them so you'll have the best floating effect. At the end of the party, clean up is easy. Pop the balloons, gather the streamers and ribbons and toss!



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