Birthday Party Favor Ideas For 40

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Birthday Party Favor Ideas For 40

Instead of handing out a birthday party favor bag full of candy, find favors that are specific to the theme of the party. Having a party at a bowling alley? Give guests a bowling pin bottle with straw. Does the birthday boy like cars? Why not give his friends oil can squirters. Having an ocean life party for the girls? Seashell lip gloss is a fun favor. If you're looking for additional birthday party favor ideas, try some favors from the kid's section. No one ever said being forty means you have to be all grown up. Humorous birthday party favor ideas for the forty year old can include items like kid's toys, edible sweets, or posters. Pack up several items in a favor box, and all your guests can have a good laugh. The boxes are typically made of cardboard, have a festive picture or theme on the outside and close up with a handle for easy carrying. You can then fill them with whatever you choose: candy, adult toys and games, gag gifts and more.



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