The Elmo Birthday Party That's Sure To Be A Hit

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What do I need to throw a great Elmo themed birthday party?

The Elmo Birthday Party That's Sure To Be A Hit

He's red. He's plush. He's lovable. He's Elmo. What young child wouldn't enjoy an Elmo birthday party? If you want to throw an Elmo birthday party your child and all his guests will enjoy, remember to keep to the theme, but don't go overboard.

  • Select several main elements which will have the Elmo character, such as the some of the Mylar balloons, cake, napkins, and favors. Then color coordinate the rest of the party pieces. Having Elmo's face on everything from the tablecloth to the curtains can become a bit much.
  • Incorporate activities centered around Elmo's character. You can find coloring books, playing cards, and party games – all with an Elmo theme.
  • It's fine to include other Sesame Street characters like Big Bird and Cookie Monster, but remember that you are throwing an Elmo birthday party, so keep other characters to a minimum or keep their decorative presence subdued.
  • Have a few videos of Elmo on hand for kids to watch.
  • You can incorporate a large Elmo doll to give to the birthday child or spend a little extra and hire a costumed Elmo to make a visit at your event.
  • An inexpensive way to make your child's day is to go through the Sesame Workshop Website and have Elmo give your child a call during the birthday event. Play it on speakerphone if you want the other guests to be able to share.



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