Five Rules of Thumb For Childrens Birthday Parties

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What are some ways to make sure the childrens birthday party runs smoothly?

Five Rules of Thumb For Childrens Birthday Parties

Childrens birthday parties give kids the opportunity to celebrate and have a good time. However, to keep childrens birthday parties running smoothly, there are some simple rules to keep in mind.

1. Keep the party short. For babies, limit the activities to an hour and a half and keep in mind nap schedules. For younger children, two to three hours should be enough time to for a party without having guests running on low fumes.
2. Have enough adults on hand. Don't have a guest list full of children and plan on running the party all by yourself.
3. Plan simple meals. Though your recipe for bruschetta with caponata might impress your neighbors, kids just want easy, tasty foods like pizza, spaghetti, and fried chicken.
4. Keep the kids occupied. Planned activities, games, and fun favors and toys will keep the party momentum going.
5. Safety proof the venue beforehand. Whether you're planning the party at home or at another location, remember this rule of thumb – safety first. Go through and check there are no dangerous items or electrical areas. Lock away any items you don't want kids to get their hands on.



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