Themed Birthday Party The Whole Family Can Enjoy

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What is a themed birthday party that is appropriate for the whole family?

Themed Birthday Party The Whole Family Can Enjoy

Throwing a themed birthday party with guests from one to ninety one? Try a movie themed birthday party that the whole family can enjoy. This is what you'll need to do:

  • Start with invitations worthy of a Hollywood premiere.
  • Decorate with stage lights, red carpet, and create your own walk of fame with guest's names.
  • Have a number of movies on hand appropriate for viewers from the littlest babes to ones grown-ups would want to view.
  • Designate different “theaters” with various movie showings. If you have a large blank wall, get a projector and show a blockbuster on your home “big screen”.
  • Hand out party favors like chocolate movie tickets or popcorn boxes full of tasty snacks.



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