Birthday Party Themes For Animal Lovers

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What birthday party themes can I do for animal lovers?

Birthday Party Themes For Animal Lovers

For kids or kids at heart that love animals, you can't miss with birthday party themes that incorporate wildlife. Here are some birthday party themes for animal lovers.

Wild Outback: Kangaroos, koalas, and crocodiles – oh my! Create a scene from down under with a paper rock wall, Have compasses on hand for favors and load up on walking sticks for a mini hike. Decorate with stuffed versions of animals from down under or see if you can get a zoomobile with the real deal to come out to you.

Water Life Exploration: Use blue cellophane to create a wall of your underwater world. Decorate with plastic fish, octopus, and stingrays. Make your own mini “touch pool” by filling a large plastic tub with sand, water, mock starfish and string rays, and plastic sea anemone. The kids can swim in a large “pool” filled with blue colored balls and mock fish.

Prehistoric Dinosaur World : Go back in time and have a prehistoric dinosaur world party. Have recorded sounds of tyrannosaurus rex and his mighty roar. Create a sand pit and host an archaeological dig for dinosaur bones. Send the kids home with a paper mache “dinosaur egg” filled with candy and plastic dinosaur toys.



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