Throwing First Birthday Parties On A Budget

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How do I keep a first birthday party on a budget?

Throwing First Birthday Parties On A Budget

When some parents throw first birthday parties, the event's activities can become over-the-top. First birthday parties complete with a petting zoo, pony rides, clown entertainment, and live music aren't within everyone's budget. For folks who prefer to stick with a budget when planning baby's first birthday, we've compiled a list of ways to help you save:

  • Plan the festivities at your home or at a park rather than paying for rental facility fees or the cost of paying for everyone's food at a restaurant.
  • Coordinate your themed supplies with a matching color. Buying a complete set of themed party decorations like Thomas and Friends or Curious George can run up your budget. Instead, pick one item, like helium balloons, with the theme you want and then purchase coordinating colors for the remaining pieces like napkins, cups, and plates.
  • Keep the menu simple at first birthday parties. You can make your own affordable self-serve deli area with an array of meats, cheeses, crackers, and dips.
  • Slim down the guest list to the closest of family and friends. You don't have to invite every play date your one-year-old ever had at her first birthday. Mom, Dad, Grandparents, and a few close friends will still make a memorable first birthday event.



5/29/2007 1:11:52 AM
BarbMewburn said:

I'm horrified to think that you would consider suggesting using tooth picks or skewers for a baby's birthday cake! They are unpredictable, as are older children. Surely a cake can be made that won't harm the littlies if it is 'attacked'


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