How To Photograph Your Child's First Birthday Party

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What are some hints for capturing good photos for my child’s first birthday party?

How To Photograph Your Child's First Birthday Party

Taking pictures of your child's first birthday party will preserve memories which you'll cherish for years to come. If you want some hints on how to capture those picture perfect moments of your little one's first birthday party on film, read our how-to guide.

  • Get down to your child's level and photograph from her perspective. Photos seen from a child's eye level gives you a better view of the festivities.
  • Focus in on the party details like the cake, decorations, and presents. Fill the frame with the elements and details – it's a nice way to help tell the story of your child's first birthday party.
  • Shoot a lot of candid photos. Though you'll certainly want to have some posed shots with family, friends, and your birthday tot, don't forget to keep snapping away at candid shots. Show scenes of the kids at play as well as kids interacting. It's also a good idea to shoot from afar as well as take photos right in the midst of the action.
  • Take photos in a continuous burst mode if you have a camera which allows you to do so. You'll be able to capture fleeting moments, such as when your child takes that first bite of birthday cake.



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