Five Ways To Have A Successful 1st Birthday

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Do you have any advice on ways to have a successful 1st birthday for my child?

Five Ways To Have A Successful 1st Birthday

Planning your baby's 1st birthday party can be stressful and exhilarating all at once. A 1st birthday is the all-important milestone marking your little one's foray away from infancy towards childhood. To plan a successful event you'll cherish well past your child's first steps, read our five pieces of advice on how to have a successful 1st birthday party:

1. Consider your baby's personality. Does she thrive in new environments or does she shy away from the crowd? For most 1st birthday parties, a simple get-together with fewer guests is better, but as the parent, you're the best judge of whether a soiree with 100 relatives and friends or an intimate party with the grandparents and a few play buddies is better.
2. Consider a theme for your baby's 1st birthday party. Pick one idea and plan around it. This will make decisions like what type of plates, decorations, cake, and games much easier on you when you're planning.
3. Plan activities to accommodate the different age groups. A baby-proof play-area for infants and toddlers works well, but don't forget older kids and the adults too. Adding music, some fun instruments, and singing is one way to allow the parents as well as the younger tykes to join in on the fun.
4. Make the timing right. A successful baby's 1st birthday party can be dependent upon the guest of honor staying happy and not cranky. Plan your party around a time which works best with your little one's routine. At the age of one, it's usually best to keep the festivities short.
5. Make sure the guests don't leave empty handed. Favors are one great way to add the finishing touch to your baby's 1st birthday. Some simple ideas include large rubber balls or inflatable ones, musical shakers, or finger puppets.



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