Kids Birthday Party Decoration For The Outdoors

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How should I decorate an outdoor kids birthday party?

Kids Birthday Party Decoration For The Outdoors

If you're having an outdoor kids birthday party, you'll have to think about creating an atmosphere that'll work with the open surroundings. We've got some ideas that'll be a hit at your next kids birthday party, whether it's at the park or your own backyard.

Pinwheel centerpieces – If you're throwing a party outside, why not make use of the cooling breeze? Take a colorful pinwheel and insert it into a small pot filled shredded colored paper.

Barnyard Décor – Start with a red and white, checkered tablecloth and then scatter pieces of hay. For the barn centerpiece, use a large rectangular box and paint it red. Use white tape for the trim. For the roof, use two pieces of poster board and match the length to the box. Paint it red and allow it to dry. Attach the roof with white tape and you have a complete barnyard décor for your outdoor kids birthday party.

Outdoor Adventure – The great outdoors is just a stone's throw away when you turn your backyard into a make-believe outdoor expedition. Create a wildlife crossing sign out of bright yellow heavy stock paper and black tape. Pick an animal and using black construction paper, cut out the animal's image. Complete the outdoor decoration by using heavy brown paper to create a cave-like wall surface. Give the kids markers and let them draw their own petroglyphs.



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