Birthday Party Decorations For Tabletops

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Do you have some ideas for tabletop birthday party decorations?

Birthday Party Decorations For Tabletops

If you're having a sit-down birthday party celebration, dressing up the tabletop makes the scene more festive. Birthday party decorations can be simple or elaborate, depending on how much time and effort you want to spend. If you're looking for some ideas for tabletop birthday party decorations, read on:

Wrapped candy and confetti – Quick and easy, all you have to do is buy or create your own colorful wrapped candy pieces, add confetti, and throw it on top of a table. If you want you can add a solid colored tablecloth underneath for a dash of color and to help clean up messes quickly.

Floral bouquet – It can be as simple as a few daisies in a small vase or a large arrangement you handpick from the florist. If you favor a minimalist look, get a simple rectangular vase, fill with some large rocks, and add a single calla lily.

Illuminated tabletop – Warm up your birthday party event with an illuminated tabletop. Use a clear string of Christmas lights and wrap it in a gauzy cloth or table runner. Add some additional soft light with the use of several small, white LED candles. For variety, you can try colored lights and candles as well.



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