Three Easy Ways To Make Your Birthday Party Look Smashing

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Three Easy Ways To Make Your Birthday Party Look Smashing

Throwing a birthday party doesn't mean you have to hire an expert event planner to make decorating a success. If you want your birthday party to look grand, but you don't want to call in the cavalry to achieve your look, follow our list of three easy ways to make your birthday party look smashing.

  1. Pick a color theme and color your home with it. For a look that says luxe, get several gauzy red curtains and hang them like sails around your entertainment area. Coordinate with red plates, cups, forks, and napkins. Decorate the table with red throw pillows, small vases, and a table cloth – instant red hot birthday decorations that's affordable and simple.
  2. Go the distance with balloons and streamers. Another way to add instant oomph to your birthday party is by using classic birthday decorations like balloons and streamers. The trick is in how you place the pieces. Keep the colors simple, but bunch balloons together and hang from the center of the room like a chandelier. Coordinate your streamers and hang them in a loosely twisted fashion from the balloon chandelier to the outer corners of the room. For added effect, layer two different colors of streamers and twist them together for a two-tone effect.
  3. Turn your birthday party into an art gallery by placing several photos in the middle of a sit-down table as a centerpiece. Decorate with photos of the birthday guest of honor and friends and family or pick a birthday theme for your photo collection. Keep the frames types consistent. If you're feeling a little generous, add some miniature frames with pictures for each guest to take home as favors.



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