Etiquette For Birthday Greeting Cards

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What is common etiquette for birthday greeting cards?

Etiquette For Birthday Greeting Cards

While signing and sending birthday greeting cards to people you know should be a simple task, there are still some basic etiquette you should follow. If you're unsure of what the decorum is, these etiquette guidelines for birthday greeting cards will help make sure you don't commit any social faux pas.

  • Do always sign your name and write a brief note when sending birthday greeting cards to friends.
  • Don't sign your last name if the birthday card is going out to someone you know well.
  • Do mail birthday greeting cards to the office if it is for a business associate.
  • Don't forget to use more discretion when considering an off-the-wall or humorous card for a boss or supervisor.
  • Do send a belated birthday card rather than forgoing one completely just because you're just a few days late.
  • Don't send a religious card unless you are sure it is appropriate for the birthday recipient's beliefs.



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