Unique Adult Birthday Cakes

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Do you have any unique ideas for birthday cakes?

Unique Adult Birthday Cakes

You could order a standard cake with cream and colored frosting, but when there are so many more options for unique adult birthday cakes, consider trying one of these interesting choices. These unique adult birthday cakes almost look too good to eat.

Picture On A Cake – Have a photograph of your choosing reproduced on the adult birthday cake for the party.

Scenery Cake – Have an entire landscape, such as a rock cliff with waterfall, reproduced onto a cake.

Three-dimensional Cake – Does your birthday guest of honor like classic cars? Have a reproduction made into a cake, complete with chrome fenders and retro style seats.

Character cakes – If you're throwing a party with a character theme, have their image reproduced on a cake. Have one designed three dimensionally, make a cake in the shape of the character, or reproduce a photo on the cake itself.

Architectural Cake – Got a favorite building or getting a new house this birthday? Have a scaled down reproduction made as a cake.

Theme Cake – Want to create a scene from a blockbuster movie like Spiderman or Pirates of the Caribbean? A skilled cake decorator can do the job for you.

Animal Cakes – Have a cake made of a koala in a tree or a bird about to take flight.



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