Adult Birthday Parties For The Young At Heart

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Adult Birthday Parties For The Young At Heart

Young at heart grownups will enjoy birthday parties free of fancy sit-down dinners at upscale locales. If you are planning adult birthday parties for the birthday guy or girl who'd rather be at play, we have some ideas for you:

High-tech scavenger hunt – Have a game the big kids will love. Participants play in teams, racing around the city to find items with the latest in high tech gadgetry, like cell phones and GPS systems. Actors come into play to make the game more realistic and fun. This is one adult birthday party event that won't have a boring moment.

Water sport party – Have a picnic by the lake, rent a boat, jet skis, water skis, and a wakeboard. You'll be in for an afternoon of water soaked fun.

Retro theme party – Take a step back a few decades or two and throw a retro theme party. Guests get dressed up in the decade of your choosing. Think poodle skirts and bowling shirts for the 50's or bell-bottoms and psychedelic prints for the 70's.

If you're throwing a 50's birthday party, make sure you have the appropriate gear. For ladies, try black stretch pants and an off the shoulder top a la Grease, the hit 1978 movie. Accessorize with a black sheer scarf and coordinating studded sunglasses. For men, dress up in rolled up dark blue jeans, a white t-shirt, and black leather jacket for the birthday party.



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