50th Birthday Gag Gift Ideas

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What are some great gag gift ideas for a 50th birthday party?

50th Birthday Gag Gift Ideas

Giving away a 50th birthday gag gift is a friendly way of humoring the guest of honor. The best 50th birthday gag gift ideas poke fun at age, but aren't malicious. For some good-natured 50th birthday gag gift ideas, take a look at our list:

T-shirt gag gift – Get a t-shirt with a quote about getting older or make one yourself with a picture of the birthday recipient.

Old age emergency kit – Pack an old age emergency kit with hemorrhoid cream, adult diapers, arthritis cream, and reading glasses.

Lollipop gag gift – Take a flowerpot and fill it with 50 lollipops decorated with ribbon. Add a card which reads, “50 Sucks!”

Not quite fine wine – Give a bottle of prune juice in a wine bag and add a champagne flute.



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Bryanna Phillips said:

My dad will be 50 on January 28 and I won't to plan the perfect party for him and this is a really helpful sight

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