40th Birthday Invitations You Can Make By Hand

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What are some ideas for 40th invitations I can make?

40th Birthday Invitations You Can Make By Hand

If you want to make your own 40th birthday invitations, creating them by hand adds a personal touch. We've compiled some 40th birthday invitation ideas for those of you who are feeling inventive.

Pop Up Invitation – Have an outer sheet of colored card stock and an inner white sheet of card stock. Cut out a one-inch tab at the center of the inner card stock sheet with a penknife. Attach a three-inch by three-inch decorative cutout with glue. Glue the inner cardstock onto the outer cardstock.

Die Cut Invitation – Using floral embossed paper, fold and trim the card into a tri-fold. Line the paper to protect the backside and trim the embossed front in an interesting pattern. Glue a colored sheet onto the interior panel.

Stamped Invitation – This quick card requires colored cardstock and colored paper. Select a stamp pattern and decorate on the colored paper. Affix the stamped piece on the folded and trimmed cardstock. Adorn the card with colored cord.



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