Birthday Party Favor Ideas For 40

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What are some ideas for fortieth birthday party favors?

Birthday Party Favor Ideas For 40

A fortieth birthday party favor can be sophisticated, fun, or humorous. If you're planning a fortieth birthday fete and just need a few birthday party favor ideas for your guests, take a look at our great suggestions.

Personalized favors – Hand out favors inscribed with a personal message or quote. Pieces can be anything from key chains to chocolates.

Destination Favors – For a destination party, hand out collector's coins or trinkets from the country of travel.

Edible favors – Have custom cakes made, inscribed with the birthday event. Bake gourmet cookies, wrap them in cellophane, and make labels for the fortieth birthday event.

Favors just for laughs – Create t-shirts with a cartoon caption poking fun at the fortieth birthday recipient for every guest. Have mock magazine photos of each guest taken and distributed –think Geriatric Digest or Old Timer's Weekly.



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