Guidelines For Playing With Piņatas

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Can you give me some guidelines for playing with piñatas?

Guidelines For Playing With Piņatas

Kids love seeing a piñata at a party because it's two doses of fun. They get to destroy an inanimate object with their parent's permission and eventually it looks like the sky is raining candy. Pinatas come in all different shapes and sizes. Girls might like a princess, purse or pink pony piñata, while boys would rather have a train, tank or sports piñata. There are also plenty of piñatas shaped like children's movie or television characters. Be sure to use a piñata that is large enough for your party. The last thing you want is to run out of candy and leave some kids to go without.
If you're concerned that the children at your party are too young to use a bat to break a piñata, there are safe alternatives. Pull-string piñatas have ribbons flowing from the bottom and once they are pulled a few times, the bottom falls out and candy showers down on the children, just as it would with a traditional piñata. This style piñata is also great if the party has to be taken indoors unexpectedly since no one is swinging a bat. The selection of pull-string piñatas is broad and you can most likely find one that will fit your child's interests.

If you're planning on playing with piñatas during any celebration, follow these few guidelines to keep everyone safe and happy.

  1. Find a sturdy place to hang the piñata from, like a tree or basketball hoop.
  2. If the kids are old enough, provide a blindfold and stick. Then spin them around a few times and let them hit the piñata a more than once before moving on to the next child.
  3. Very young children should go without a blindfold.
  4. Always keep several feet clear around the child who is hitting the piñata. You don't want anyone to be accidentally struck.
  5. Consider pull-string versions of piñatas for an indoor birthday event or with toddler aged children.



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priya said:

i think it is a very good idea im having a piniaata for my party


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